The ACTION Institute is committed to promoting diversity at all levels and to using the expertise of its faculty, the resources available at its institutions, and its extensive network of industry partners to create learning opportunities that engage all students, from K-12 to postdoctoral and the workforce, through a suite of educational and experiential programs.

Undergraduate Education

The ACTION institute offers several exciting opportunities for undergraduate education focused on the intersection of AI and cybersecurity. Students are given access to novel curricula that are taught in person at the Institute's organizations and provided as a blueprint and MOOCs to other organizations. The use of MOOCs and "packaged" classes extend the reach of education efforts well beyond the limits of the Institute's organizations.

Additionally, students have the chance to participate in a cross-site internship program, where they work with faculty and graduate student mentors at partner campuses. The internships are offered in a team format, allowing students to develop teamwork skills and collaborate with people with diverse skill sets. The program also includes professional development training in management and entrepreneurial skills, and the best projects are presented at the Institute's yearly meeting, providing an opportunity to foster collaboration among the Institute's organizations.

These opportunities for applied learning are valuable preparation for work and help make visible the connection between coursework and future careers, especially for underrepresented minorities and women.

Overall, the ACTION institute offers a comprehensive and innovative undergraduate education program that prepares students for success in the AI and cybersecurity fields.

Graduate Education

The ACTION Institute offers exciting opportunities for advanced graduate education.

The Institute's plans include the design of a series of graduate classes that complement the existing graduate curricula and directly map into the Institute's eight research thrusts. This will highlight the relationships between foundational AI and use-inspired research, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the field. In addition, the Institute organizes and leads a cross-institute seminar series, focused on topics of interest to graduate students, which includes external speakers.

Graduate students have the opportunity to participate in a graduate internship program, which allows them to spend a summer at one of the Institute's organizations. The program also facilitates summer industry internships, providing a window into career opportunities outside academia. All students have access to professional development training through existing programs at the Institute's organizations, enhancing their skills and knowledge in the field.

These opportunities provide graduate students with valuable experience and skills that prepare them for success in the AI and cybersecurity fields, whether in academia or industry.

Post-graduate Education

The ACTION Institute offers a post-doctoral fellowship program that provides support for a six-month visit to one of the Institute's organizations. Postdoctoral researchers will have the opportunity to directly collaborate with other members of the Institute, creating strong ties and fostering collaboration among the Institute's sites. This approach exposes postdoctoral scholars to different academic environments and expands their professional networks, helping to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of AI and cybersecurity. The fellowship comes with faculty mentoring at both institutions, as well as professional development offered in partnership with various programs at the Institute's organizations.

These opportunities will help postdoctoral scholars to develop their research skills and knowledge, expand their professional networks, and prepare them for successful careers in academia or industry.